Sewanee Day Two: Operation Explore

Today the conference starts. Can you sense my nervousness? Yes, I've already met a lot of people. Yes, they've been the nicest people I've ever met. Am I still scared? You bet I am. I'm one of the newbies! One of the ones that don't know where everything is (although coming down two days before [...]

Sewanee Day One: Into the Mountains

Hey friends! For those of you that are new to Messy Bun & Jesus, I'm so glad you're following me for this journey of mine in Tennessee. To my returnees, welcome back! I'm setting up this Sewanee series a little bit differently than I typically blog. When I blog usually, I like to make things [...]

God Knew My Heart Needed You

My first love experience was with my parents. I mean, they practically created me. I'm half of my dad and half of my mom. Plus they raised me well, in a household full of love. Then when I found church, which for me was much later in life, my next love was Jesus. And that will [...]

The Power of Positivity

The world is full of negativity right now. Wars are raging, politics are filling up the news every single day, mass shootings are happening more and more often, and when I open Facebook on any given day, hate fills my news feed. With this level of negativity sweeping the world right now, it's nearly impossible to not [...]