Sewanee Day Five & Six: Pride

I've had a really great couple of days. That's half of the reason why I didn't blog yesterday. Because I was relishing in the good days I was having and I just wanted to experience it. The Sewanee Church Music Conference choir is working extra, EXTRA hard for our Evensong service tonight. Which we get [...]

Sewanee Day Two: Operation Explore

Today the conference starts. Can you sense my nervousness? Yes, I've already met a lot of people. Yes, they've been the nicest people I've ever met. Am I still scared? You bet I am. I'm one of the newbies! One of the ones that don't know where everything is (although coming down two days before [...]

Sewanee Day One: Into the Mountains

Hey friends! For those of you that are new to Messy Bun & Jesus, I'm so glad you're following me for this journey of mine in Tennessee. To my returnees, welcome back! I'm setting up this Sewanee series a little bit differently than I typically blog. When I blog usually, I like to make things [...]

God Knew My Heart Needed You

My first love experience was with my parents. I mean, they practically created me. I'm half of my dad and half of my mom. Plus they raised me well, in a household full of love. Then when I found church, which for me was much later in life, my next love was Jesus. And that will [...]