About Me

Hey pretty people! I’m Claire, the goofy, Jesus-loving girl behind this blog.

I hope you’re here because you’re wanting to get to know me a little more. After all, this is the “about me” page 🙂

I love writing. But not the kind of writing that requires scholarly research or multiple sources. I love to write about the things I love, the people I love, my typical day, my Claire-isms. Sometimes, my posts can be complete word-vomit. Maybe one day, they’ll be funny, and one day, they’ll be serious. You just never know! Because my blog is imperfect. Just like I am imperfect. I do this to feed my soul.

I’m a music education major. I know you’re probably thinking one of two things (like most people do when I tell them I want to be a music teacher). You’re either thinking, “wow, being a music teacher means you’re the first to go after budget cuts,” or “a teacher, low income.” I know because I thought the same thing when looking into this kind of work. I’m not going to let the low job numbers (which aren’t actually that low, music teachers are in pretty high demand right now) or the money hold me back from what I’m passionate about.

Let me tell you: I’m LOVING IT! It’s such a joy to share my passion with others the way to do when you teach music. And I’ve gotten quite a knack for conducting these days. It’s a great way to get my steps in!


College takes up a HUGE portion of my life. (Ask any college student, they’ll tell you the same thing). But when I’m not at school, I love hiking, traveling, playing guitar, hammocking, drinking decaf coffee, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy or The Great British Baking Show, learning sign language, and bullet journaling. I am pseudo-mom to 30 seventh-grade girls. I’m a teaching intern learning everything there is to know about having conversations with middle schoolers about Jesus.

Two years ago, I started dating this wonderful, kind, amazing man of God named Noah. He’s pretty sweet. He mellows out this crazy just a bit.


So that’s me! I hope you enjoy Messy Bun & Jesus because it’s everything to me. Social media links are in my yellow header! Follow me for more crazy, Jesus-loving thingy-ma-jigs 🙂