Embrace the Music

I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately.

Yes, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Claire you’re a music major. Isn’t that your job? To listen to music and learn?”

Well, yeah. It is. But I’m not talking about listening for school. I’m talking about listening for enjoyment, listening just to listen, listening to learn about new music. I’ve just been listening; listening to everything. 

And along with the new music, I’ve still been listening to my own favorites. But for some reason, the Claire Classics have just been speaking to me more than usual. They tugged at my emotions, they’ve caused me to sit and think about my own experiences. 

This kind of thing has never happened to me at this extent. 

Music has power. 

Yes, we all know this by movie music that elevates your heart rate during a scary movie, or a song written after a death in the family that’s supposed to tug at your heartstrings. Music has emotion attached and we as musicians need to portray that but we also need to feel that. 

I’m an emotional person. 

Anyone that’s reading this right now that knows me, knows that that statement is actually understated. Because I’m EXTRA emotional. Which is great for when I’m performing and even just in my regular life. But I feel emotions to the extreme. And I often feel what other people are feeling. If my best friend is sad, I’m going to be sad. I’m going to tell bad jokes to make her laugh, but I’m going to be sad with her. If my mom is frustrated, I’m going to be frustrated right along with her. If my boyfriend is happy, then I’m on top of the world too. 

Music amplifies any emotion that I’m feeling currently. 

Because I’m in music school, much of what I listen to is choir music. And honestly, that’s whats been affecting me so much. Two pieces in particular. And I’m going to post them so that you can enjoy them too. 

I’ve always been taught in my methods courses that any piece you present to your students will not be as loved by them as it’s loved by you. And I’m not putting them here to make people love it as much as I do. (Although that could happen). I’m just putting them out here.

Piece #1: Please Stay – Jake Runestad. I encourage you to watch the whole thing. There’s a message here.

Piece #2: Requiem Arranged by Craig Hella Johnson

Music is powerful. And I’m embracing it fully. 

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