Goodbye Summer, Hello Junior Year

The school year is officially in session. And this Jesus-loving girl is loving her classes!

I am officially and 100 percent into my music education classes now. I’m learning how to run choral programs (even though I’m already mostly on my way to do that by the MANY choirs I’ve been involved in throughout the years), how to teach students how to play woodwind instruments (I’m playing the bassoon right now, how cool is that?), learning about ALL the music technology, and most importantly, I’m learning how to teach music to elementary students. Which for me is the most terrifying thing about teaching. Elementary students are so vibrant, so energetic, and so willing to learn. But they don’t know things like I know things and the thought of trying to teach them music seems darn near impossible.

But my teacher also said kindergarten teachers are supposed to wear overalls with bows in their hair…

Kindergarten Teacher

Soooooo, basically I’d be a perfect kindergarten teacher.

I think that’s a good thing.

And get this!

Cool opportunities just keep falling in my lap.

Within the last month or so, I took a new job at the indoor market here selling cinnamon rolls and making coffee. Like I was actually trained as a barista. How sweet is that? I work all day talking to people, making their day with sugar and caffeine. Plus with my people-person personality, I don’t know a job that’s more suited to me. Except, you know, maybe the elementary school teacher.

I’m taking over their Instagram because our sales have been so good! (Follow us @cinnamombakery!!!)


Along the lines of my music education degree, I successfully started a student ACDA chapter at SVSU!

ACDA stands for American Choral Directors Association. They place a lot of emphasis on continuing choral educations, even after college for choir directors that are out in the job field. I’ve attended one conference last year and it was life changing. So when my choral director came to me and asked me if I wanted to help start a student chapter, I was like, “FRICK YEAH.” Because I really believe in everything this organization stands by and I think it’s going to be a very valuable resource for music educators here. I’m so excited by the work this group is already accomplishing. And I’m even more excited that I get to lead them.

Just call me President Claire 🙂

I think I have this summer to thank for this extremely good start to the semester.

I got to do everything I wanted to do this summer.


I got to go camping with my boyfriend and his family. And kayak down a beautiful river.


I got to go up north to the cabin I grew up in with my parents.


I went back to Beaver Island with my best friends and a group of uber-talented musicians. Where we sang Dolly Parton and Schubert and went to the beach every single day and got SO TAN! One of my favorite trips of the summer.


These same friends and I had a wonderful beach day to send off summer right before school started. We beached it and we walked around Dow Gardens and ate Mexican food and just enjoyed each others company.


But by far my favorite trip was to Sewanee, Tennessee for the Sewanee Church Music Conference.


*Cue the waterworks*

I miss this place more than anything. I miss the people, I miss the nature, I miss how close I felt to God (not that I don’t feel close to him now, but being there was a whole different level).

I mean, come on. How could you not feel close to the Lord on a rock on top of a mountain overlooking a valley?


Or singing in a church like this?


I can assure you there is nothing quite like it.

(If you want to read all about my trip in Sewanee, I did a whole series.)

Sewanee Day One: Into the Mountains

Sewanee Day Two: Operation Explore

Sewanee Day Three: Black Diamond

Sewanee Day Four: God’s Beauty

Sewanee Day Five & Six: Pride

I’m so blessed to have the summer I had. Traveling, loving the Lord, and being around the people I love the most set me up for the most awesome year of school yet!

I can’t wait to see what this year holds.

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