Just Keep Chugging

It's week 9. We're halfway through the semester. Everyone is sick, everyone is tired, everyone is hating school. Myself included. I'm exhausted. I'm in class from 8am-6pm Monday through Thursday, rehearsals after school on Monday and Thursday nights, I work 8am-6:30pm on Friday and Saturday, and by the time Sunday rolls around, an entire week [...]

Goodbye Summer, Hello Junior Year

The school year is officially in session. And this Jesus-loving girl is loving her classes! I am officially and 100 percent into my music education classes now. I'm learning how to run choral programs (even though I'm already mostly on my way to do that by the MANY choirs I've been involved in throughout the [...]

Sewanee Day Five & Six: Pride

I've had a really great couple of days. That's half of the reason why I didn't blog yesterday. Because I was relishing in the good days I was having and I just wanted to experience it. The Sewanee Church Music Conference choir is working extra, EXTRA hard for our Evensong service tonight. Which we get [...]

Sewanee Day Two: Operation Explore

Today the conference starts. Can you sense my nervousness? Yes, I've already met a lot of people. Yes, they've been the nicest people I've ever met. Am I still scared? You bet I am. I'm one of the newbies! One of the ones that don't know where everything is (although coming down two days before [...]